Chatbots help in enhancing customer loyalty, elevating guest profiling, offering new revenue sources, and freeing up hotel staff. One of the significant benefits is the ability to deliver immediate, natural responses, at the right moment for more direct bookings.

FREMONT, CA: Hotels make efforts to encourage people to make direct bookings in order to boost financial results. Nevertheless, direct bookings help in saving a lot of expenses on commission payments made to other platforms, and it also offers hotels with complete control over every subsequent communication with the customer.

Independent hotels generally do not have the luxury and necessary budget to conduct re-marketing campaigns like the larger hotels. Consequently, the hotels miss out on direct bookings to different online travel agencies (OTAs), and figuring out solutions to the problem has turned out to be a significant factor in the entire hotel industry. The only thing they can do to get back on the track is to offer preferable rates and additional direct booking incentives on their websites. One of the promising, cutting-edge solutions includes having a chatbot on the hotel website that accompanies the booking system. The chatbot can encourage direct bookings, provide higher personalization, and offer rapid responses to customer queries.

A chatbot increases direct bookings when used in the right manner.

Integrating the chatbot with the booking engine can help to enhance direct bookings by making the booking process more comfortable. Even though the room availability can be directly found via a hotel website, a few visitors would still prefer the comfort and convenience of using a chatbot to provide information on request.

Since a chatbot is wholly integrated with a booking engine, users can request information concerning the room available for their selected dates. It can re-direct the booking to the booking engine to complete the entire process of reservation. Any queries they have can also be resolved by the chatbot, which means the customers do not have to click and go anywhere searching for information.

Besides, chatbot communication can boost marketing efforts and meanwhile offer greater personalization to the guests. Leveraging chatbots can help in direct booking and also collect every kind of information that can assist in delivering tailored hotel services. A chatbot can find out the required data from a customer regarding their ideal idea of a trip and provide a direct link to handle it. Once when the guest arrives, the data gathered, which can be helpful to push notifications to their phone, and batter with the recommendations based on their preferences.

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