Augmented reality can be used in various ways, like smartphones, headsets, or tablets. It can also be utilized to add physical graphics to an environment while it is being viewed from a device to make the environment more interactive.

FREMONT, CA: In the past few years augmented reality has grown to be a necessary conception in the field of hospitality management, as it assists the hotels and similar businesses in enhancing the physical environment or provide their guests with a better experience of the surroundings.

Here are a few practical uses of augmented reality in the hospitality industry.

Interactive Hotel Rooms

Hotel owners can utilize augmented reality so that they can provide better services through interactive elements in the hotel rooms. For instance, some of the hotels in the UK have started using AR combined with wall maps in the hotel rooms. It is helpful for the guests as it permits them to guest’s information about the local areas of interest by pointing a smartphone at the map, thus making their stay pleasurable and more convenient.

Incorporating AR in Games

AR has also successfully entered the world of gaming, and its accomplishment has increased the usage of technology. The hospitality companies have also started using the AR games to improve the overall experience of the guests staying in a hotel.

The hotels ensure to make their location a significant part of an AR game. However, there are chances of developing their apps that will help their guests to explore the local area as well as hotel enjoyably.

Beacon Technology

The beacon technology is linked to the augmented reality concept and works with the help of Bluetooth, and permits the marketers to distribute information to the customers whenever they reach a location. It is a valuable technology for the owner of a hotel, and its efficiency can already be seen.

Digital technology is always developing. Hence, with the travel and hospitality sector is budding as well.