The hospitality industry is always keen on seeking new areas o incorporate new technologies to improve guests' stay.

Fremont, CA: The hospitality industry is always open to the next big thing that will help attract guests and make their stay as memorable as possible. A simple way to achieve the goal is by taking advantage of the latest trends. But it cannot be discarded that trends are always in flux, and staying on top of the guest's expectations can be very daunting. Here are the three industry trends that will help the hoteliers improve their current level of customer service, get more resort and hotel guests, and make sure the guests come back. 

Facial Recognition 

Checking-in is one of the most common practices followed in the industry, which cannot be left out. The process might be sped up by computers now, but for many, it hasn't changed much since the days before the internet. But that is all starting to change. By implementing facial recognition at the check-in, the stage makes a potentially tedious process smooth and easy for guests. 

IoT in Hotel Rooms

As the internet of things (IoT) is slowly spreading to all the aspects of daily life, guests have come to expect certain conveniences. More people are using phones to control all facets of their homes. The massive draw of connectivity in rooms is that it provides the guest with a superior experience. Additionally, it allows guests to set up a room as they like it without the need to figure out any new interfaces.

Having a connected hotel room also develops the impression that the resort or hotel is at the cutting edge of technology. This is an essential feature for modern hotels because many guests evaluate a hotel based on the perception of things like internet speeds and reliability. The system can provide the staff cues, or remember someone's preferences itself and re-apply them. As a result, your guest feels like they're at home when they walk into the room.

Using Technology to Drive Guest Engagement and Loyalty

The most current resort and hotel trends deal with the incorporation of new tech into the traditional hotel-stay experience. Understanding how guests use technology at home allows brands to replicate that experience. The result is increased guest satisfaction, lower costs, and more bookings for those that show they understand what potential guests want out of their stay.

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