The technology leveraged by the hotels has taken advanced steps and has started to revolutionize the hotel industry in recent years. Hotels need to be able to embrace these innovative steps if they need to maintain a competitive edge within an increasingly digital marketplace.

FREMONT, CA: The travel and hospitality industry is growing and expanding day by day. The emerging technologies and rising of guests' expectations are continually shaping it so. Therefore, it is significant to keep up with the latest trends. Here are some of the travel and hospitality trends to watch in 2020.

VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play a significant role in enhancing the guest experience. VR plays a vital role in illustrating the amenities, services, and rooms that a hotel has to provide. Most of the professionals believe that this type of hotel technology is set to become a must in the future. It is also a cost-effective solution. AR, on the other hand, is developed to enhance the physical environment of the user using devices like smartphones and tablets.


It is said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an example of how hotel technology is evolving. The main goal of AI is to offer the guests with seamless and streamlined experience during their stay. There are a number of ways in which this can be accomplished like—

• Collating and interpreting guest data

• Mapping and identifying user preferences to create a tailor-made accommodation package

• More targeted and effective marketing techniques

• The ability to proactively determine the efficacy of a publicity campaign

• Personalizing the entire guest experience.


Chatbots are now a usual site, and a commonplace when visiting countless websites. Besides, they have started to transform the hotel technology and its associated facilities. These devices offer the guest with number of options and are also a bot helping hand some of the most applicable technological opportunities within the hospitality sector comprise of—

• Hyper-personalized search criteria and results

• A streamlined method for confirming a reservation

• An excellent way to build brand recognition and loyalty

• Marketing relevant products and services to the end-user