Installing safety buttons in hotels will allow employees to summon help silently and make them feel secure.

FREMONT, CA: According to recent statistics, 90 percent of hotel employees are women, and 70 percent are men where females are sexually harassed while on the job. Working as a housekeeper is thus discomforting at times as they encounter situations of vigorous activity or sexual perversion. By now, hotels should be aware of the panic button as this technology has resulted in a fundamental shift in the legal landscape. It is evident from cities and states enacting new laws mandating the deployment of wearable safety devices. Especially with the rise of sexual assaults, there increases the need for hotels to provide some form of safety and security measures to mitigate harm to its employees.

Installing safety buttons in these places will allow housekeepers to summon help silently and know that someone will check on them. This is great for hotels because the employees are like to engage with guests than shy away from them. It will prevent hotels from losing millions in revenue by implementing these wearable safety devices that have had some surprising benefits. More specifically, room attendants feel secure with the buttons while being recognized as individuals. It will leave a positive effect on morale and employee retention, thereby indirectly resolving the property’s staffing problems.

Keeping in mind the exact requirements, hoteliers can install a system that will best suit their needs. A robust safety system will give precise room location and will be easy to deploy while providing effective team safety. It will also offer IoT solutions for inventory, room tray, and vendor tracking. Some companies provide RFID-over-WiFi real-time location systems that connect to software and optimize business performance. There are alert devices that work in situations when there is no cellular or WiFi access. Few vendors are operating more in the residential safety place and offer necklaces and bracelets for two-way home communication combined with fall detection and a mobile GPS device with built-in geofencing. Another enterprise safety platform uses BLE technology that enables managers to pinpoint a distress call to a specific room inside a property and with integrations to several top hotel platforms.