The hospitality industry and technologies together will revolutionize the travel and hostel industry.  The technology significantly helps in improving many areas of the guest experience, driving sales, and introducing new, exciting dimensions to both vacations and business trips.

FREMONT, CA:  Technology in the hotel industry is advancing at a rapid pace. Since its inception, the hospitality industry has been the herald of technological innovation. Some of the trends in the hospitality industry are leading to significant improvements. Here's a look at how a few technologies have helped reshape the hospitality industry.

Narrow AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vital topic to praise when it comes to technological advancement. Narrow AI was considered as one of the most significant trends of 2018. Narrow AI comprises of highly specialized machine learning solutions that target a specific task, like driving a vehicle or understanding written or auditory language. From intelligent advertising to photo searches to self-driving cars,  the usage of AI is improving as the technology behind it is increasing.

Intelligent Things

This trend began with the widespread unveiling of the internet of things (IoT), which meant combining sensors and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity into previously static devices, from thermostats to washing machines, industrial sensors, and monitoring equipment. By bringing these devices online, developers harnessed the power of the cloud and widespread connectivity to make different devices safer, more efficient, and easy to use. The next wave of intelligent things promises to combine the first-wave of IoT connectivity with the advances in AI, which will make connected things smarter.


Blockchain is a democratized, distributed, and decentralized token ledger that eliminates friction or ownership from bits of information. Blockchain permits unverified parties to exchange highly secure information across standard networks and promises to alter the industries and private transactions alike. One of the biggest criticisms of blockchain is that the protocol is new and untested. Enterprises may not be ready to use blockchain technology in their daily processes yet. Still, it has always been actively developed and tested to change the data distribution and security across industries.

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