To glorify in the guests’ business, hoteliers should stay in touch with the guests across the entire guest journey.

FREMONT, CA: Every single touch-point of a vacation plays a vital role in a traveler’s journey. The numerous touch-points include pre-stay, arrival, post-stay that creates countless opportunities for the hoteliers to enhance their guests’ experience. Technology allows making the most of each primary touch-point easier than before. With the rise of mobile phones, ‘micro-moments’ in the guest journey is occupying a significant place. Nowadays, people are engrossed in their mobile phones to learn, do, discover, watch or buy something. These are intent-rich moments when guests will share their preferences and make decisions influencing every stage of the guest journey.

Guests no longer need to rely on travel magazines and travel agents to make appointments. They need not wait in a long queue to retrieve their key and make their way to the room. Mobile has allowed hoteliers to access the full range of micro-moments while changing the guest journey dramatically. Starting from the ‘research’ stage to guest bookings, check-in, mobile concierge, digital keys, and many more, hoteliers have considerable opportunities to better engage with guests. Because mobile technologies influence every stage, to better capitalize on this new hospitality environment, hoteliers should make sure of the following.

• Hoteliers should delight guests with compelling imagery and relevant information on social media and booking channels at their research stage.

• Mobile app should be user-friendly and intuitive while offering the same functionality provided to guests booking through a desktop.

• Hoteliers should willingly manage and promote their brand across multiple platforms.

• Hotels should offer their guests keyless entry and 24/7 support via a mobile concierge in the palm of their hand and a variety of ways to communicate with the hotel, including mobile SMS and chatbots.

• Hotel staff should be empowered by mobile technology to better serve and respond to guest requests and communicate across departments.

Thus, the key to reimagining the guest journey is to develop a technological infrastructure that is proactive, responsive, and personalized to accomplish every guest's needs.