H. Anthony Gambini, Founder, and CEO, Premiere Advisory GroupH. Anthony Gambini, Founder, and CEO
H. Anthony Gambini, a seasoned travel executive and the CEO of Première Advisory Group (PAG), demonstrates that there is no singular tried and tested methodology to run a hospitality business. Gambini and his team concentrate on strengthening the profitability of independent and branded hotels everywhere by providing the most comprehensive revenue management consulting services, carefully curated to meet the needs of each client while ensuring maximum profitability. A glimpse at PAG’s business model validates this proposition.
“PAG offers white-glove revenue management services that stand a class above the rest,” promises Gambini. His passion for hospitality is evidently depicted through the competencies offered by the company, where bolstering a hotel’s bottom line is the number one priority. The company identifies key revenue generation opportunities and improves a hotel’s market penetration..

Answering the Industry’s Calls

Aside from his personal ambitions, another facet of the hospitality industry motivated Gambini to set up his firm. Having started his career in Monte Carlo, the founder developed a large network of contacts by the time he moved to the US and joined Accor, one of the biggest names in the game. He oversaw operations in North America, the Caribbean, and Central America as a travel agency distribution professional and amassed a wealth of experience and skill in the field. “While at Accor, I realized that there was an observable gap in the field able to solve the distribution problems at independent hotels, and that my expertise was not only rare, but very much needed in the marketplace,” expresses Gambini. This led him to further assess the industry’s challenges and recognize a host of other shortcomings that particularly placed independent and small hotel chains in precarious positions. This realization marked the birth of PAG.

Since then, the company has come a long way in helping clients increase the profitability of their assets, maximize revenue generation, and drive market share across all booking channels. It excels at providing sales and distribution support services and follows a total revenue management approach, where Gambini and his team of experts do more than focus on revenue per available room (RevPAR). PAG assesses a hotel’s net operating income (NOI) by studying every revenue management decision and, subsequently, tailors unique strategies that align with all distribution channels, including online travel agencies (OTA). PAG prioritizes channels that yield the best returns and offer the lowest costs whenever possible.

After being approached by a client to help improve their hotel’s profitability and market penetration, PAG quickly executed its best in class services leading to an incredibly healthy 65 percent web direct mix and a 25 percent lift to their ADR. “Ensuring the hotel is priced accurately and retailed on the most cost effective channels is what we do best,” says Gambini. PAG helps hotel operators conduct a thorough analysis of their properties and additionally advises them on the best courses of action to ensure that the bottom line is secure.

Streamlining the Post-Pandemic Efforts

PAG’s expertise in handling adverse situations additionally makes it a reliable source of support in a time when revenue management for hoteliers everywhere continues to be quite the ordeal—especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. The financial and operational stability of hotel chains everywhere faltered drastically. Many properties found it 1 5 challenging to adopt the latest technologies, carry out good revenue management processes, and attract new customers. Additionally, the challenge of threadbare staffing forced each department to work in a siloed manner, which significantly delayed the development of holistic strategies that would otherwise touch all aspects of the hotel’s distribution ecosystem.PAG addresses these issues by bringing in a highly trained and experienced team in all things technology and hospitality. With their assistance, hoteliers are empowered with fast, proactive-when-possible strategies that position the hotel to succeed and capitalize on any trend presented by the market. When there is an interaction with a client, the dialogue is exchanged between the owners themselves and the revenue management experts at PAG, solidifying the relationship between the two. More importantly, direct conversation helps improve communication and streamlines the implementation strategies that may go against the instincts of the owners.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 serves as the best example to showcase the efficacies of this interactive approach. Gambini and his team tackled the blockades set up by the outbreak with fresh new perspectives of managing finances through their expansive travel and hospitality expertise that has been carefully developed over decades. “We foster an approach that incorporates all stakeholders, removing the option of people working in silos, making sure that each strategy released positively affects all branches of a hotel chain,” adds Gambini.

PAG offers white-glove revenue management and distribution services that stand a class above the rest

The company has also helped many large, international, and independent hotel chains carry out very successful pre-openings, garnering much praise throughout the industry. The same services are extended to new properties and projects, where the staff dedicatedly focuses on augmenting the hospitality and guest experience. Team PAG chooses the right technology partners, implements the most intuitive property management systems, and prepares resourceful databases. It also allocates the marketing budget, determines optimal rates, and maintains a tight timeline for the perfect launch.
All that Matters is Scalability and Profitability
When PAG works with a new client, the idea is not to complete the task at hand and leave after completion. Endorsing the follow-the-sun model, Gambini and his team intend to work with each hotelier, in their organization, as one of their own. The company has experts positioned in several parts of Europe and America, allowing 24/7 customer support during and after a project. Moreover, PAG focuses on building solid relationships based on mutual trust and open communication, which the company believes is the best foot forward to achieve the desired goals.
  • We foster an approach that incorporates all stakeholders, removing the option of people working in silos, making sure that each strategy released positively affects all branches of a hotel chain

Such a holistic approach enables PAG’s staff to analyze the operation from a 360-degree perspective and discern any weaknesses within the hotel, which the company sees as opportunities for improvement.
Continuously Pioneering Revenue Management Services
With such solid capabilities and vast expertise in the field, PAG confidently boasts a diverse portfolio of clients and offers hospitality advisory services worldwide. The company thus far relied on organic growth through the vast networks and talents of its people spread across the country, including the states of Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Florida, and Massachusetts. With a recently opened branch in Paris, the City of Light, PAG intends to provide an enhanced level of support to existing clients and attract new ones from various parts of Europe.

PAG is gearing up to tackle the challenges of a post-pandemic world and equip clients with the skills and strategic guidance that is required to navigate the hospitality marketplace as travel and tourism activities continue to climb on a global scale. It is safe to say that the, the future of the industry, and how hoteliers manage their finances, is set to witness significant improvement as revenue generation complexities will become a thing of the past.