Kathleen Cullen, Senior Vice President of Hospitality, PTG ConsultingKathleen Cullen, Senior Vice President of Hospitality
The tourism and hospitality industry is going through an in-depth transformation post the COVID-19 slump. To ensure optimal performance that includes guest, employee, and owner satisfaction, it is crucial for stakeholders to evaluate the use of resources, the approach optimizing results and ultimately, how they measure success. Now is the time to pivot both the strategy and the processes in order to achieve the current goals.

A firm that can help in this regard is PTG Consulting—a strategic partner in tourism and hospitality. The company helps clients by providing integrated solutions that inspire, engage, and deliver results.

The PTG Consulting team comprehensively understands complex problems encountered by hotels and other travel and tourism-related businesses. Whether it concerns technology selection and optimization of the system set up, formulating a commercial strategy, or providing task force assistance in key areas such as revenue management and sales, PTG Consulting identifies the best solutions to help clients reach their goals.

Owned by the Ueberroth family, PTG Consulting is part of the Preferred Travel Group, giving the company significant influence and resources on a global scale, owing to its diversified global portfolio of distinctive travel brands. As part of the Preferred Travel Group Family, the consulting firm has experience in all facets of the travel, tourist, and hospitality industries, enabling it to approach each client relationship from a unique perspective. The company’s clients are diverse as well, from small remote ranch resorts to large corporate city hotels. Whether or not they are part of Preferred Travel Group, PTG Consulting welcomes all properties as part of their client base.

PTG Consulting’s hospitality experts become a part of the client’s team, contributing their years of expertise, working at both the corporate and property levels of hotels. The company helps hotels increase revenue, enhance guest and owner satisfaction, improve brand awareness, and strengthen reputation by developing custom-tailored revenue management, sales & marketing, PR, operations, opening, and sustainability strategies. PTG Consulting works in collaboration with the client to meet and exceed their goals, whether by telling the client hotel’s story through PTG Consulting’s global media network or by leveraging strategic partnerships to provide operational support.

Utilizing its decades of experience and extensive global network, the company strategically assembles expert combinations of staff and technology to create customized, implementable solutions based on each client’s unique goals.
“We work collaboratively with clients to tell their story to target audiences, discover new opportunities, and convert thoughtful, actionable strategies into observable outcomes,” says Kathleen Cullen, senior vice president of hospitality for PTG Consulting.

A case study that stands as a testament to PTG Consulting’s tailored services is their recent success helping two different hotels shift their business mix largely from group and tour operator business to luxury leisure clients which resulted in higher ADRs and profitability for both properties.

One hotel engaged PTG Consulting’s sales experts to help create awareness with targeted leisure travel advisors, ultimately resulting in luxury leisure becoming the hotel’s number one segment in less than a year.
  • We work collaboratively with clients to tell their story to target audiences, discover new opportunities and convert thoughtful, actionable strategy into observable outcomes

The second hotel’s focus was on the overall revenue strategy and support. The PTG Consulting team first reviewed and deployed a revised pricing structure, then identified new opportunities through in-market bookings, ultimately guiding the hotel’s sales team to capture new business and shift share from the competition.

As a result of successful collaborations and proven results, many clients have extended engagements for continued and longer term support.

By not overloading the team members with too many concurrent engagements, the company ensures that each client receives the utmost attention and work toward achieving their goals. A trusted strategic partner in travel and hospitality, PTG Consulting benefits clients with tried-and-tested expertise and viewpoints on successful strategies.