Nathan Mayfield, Vice President; James Mayfied, Owner, Founder, President; David Mayfield, Owner, ResNexusNathan Mayfield, Vice President; James Mayfied, Owner, Founder, President; David Mayfield, Owner
Although travelers have flexible itineraries, most booking software end up creating roadblocks in the online reservation process by requiring guests to answer a minimum of three or four questions before they can see any inventory. Utah-based ResNexus is turning the corner for the hotel booking domain with its unique platform, allowing potential online guests to see what they are looking for right from the start—rooms. Driven by the motto of ‘learn, serve, and grow,’ the company empowers its clients with a cutting-edge online booking engine, enabling them to deliver a one-of-a-kind online guest experience.

Nathan Mayfield, Vice President of ResNexus, says, “We provide lodges, hotels, bed and breakfast (B&B), campgrounds, and vacation rentals the tools that deliver the best-in-class online reservation experience for their guests.” The company was founded on the premise that the travel and hotel reservation industry should focus more on guest experience and a well-designed online presence. Businesses in this sector have, for long, invested their energy and resources in having a good footfall rather than building engaging websites and shopping experience. Many hotels and other properties have low-resolution pictures on their online booking software and offer a poor mobile experience. In addition, they fail to utilize the benefits of Google SEO for enhanced visibility to the target audience.

Driven by the motto of ‘learn, serve, and grow,’ ResNexus empowers its clients with a cutting-edge online booking engine, enabling them to deliver a one-of-a-kind online guest experience

“In the golden age of online travel agencies (OTA), it is difficult to have an individual property seen, with the big four in the business (Expedia,, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor) purchasing the top position on Google and other search engines,” explains Mayfield.

To that end, the cloud-based reservation software provided by ResNexus allows clients to and their guests to complete the online reservation directly at any time without having to make a single phone call. Interestingly, the robust and simple ResNexus software makes it easier for clients to use it in a way that best suits their business needs. The software has built-in marketing tools that enable users to build email and texting campaigns and send them using the software. “Email campaigning is one of the easiest ways to get commission-free reservations because they increase the return guest rate significantly through personalized messages and help build a loyal guest base,” adds Mayfield.

ResNexus software can also be used easily by people with disabilities. Thanks to its ADA compliance, the company’s booking engine is the first-of-its-kind to have reservation options for guests with special needs. This helps protect properties from ADA compliance lawsuits.

Besides compliance, ResNexus pays close attention to security. The company provides two-factor authentication to protect properties from security breaches.
“Our password security requirements are more stringent than the ones provided by banks,” extols Mayfield.

Interestingly, ResNexus was founded in late 2004 by James Mayfield, a former software consultant who was working on an online reservation system for a hotel group having several properties in Salt Lake City. During the interactions, Mayfield discovered that the client’s booking engine and back-office standards were far from satisfactory (for instance, no room pictures). Adding to the woes, the market had no alternative. Disappointed with the state of affairs, Mayfield took it on himself to develop an online booking software using an innovative reservation system and booking engine. Within the first year of implementing the software, Mayfield observed that the client doubled the hotel revenue. This success story set the base for Mayfield to start his own company, ResNexus.

For the future, ResNexus intends to become an all-in-one solution for all the activities, from marketing to website management. The company is planning to integrate with Google Ads and Google Hotels so clients can outperform their competitors by advertising using area attractions and location-based pay-per-click. ResNexus is working on expanding internationally, with a new office expected to come up in Europe.