Vincent Ramelli, Chief Executive Officer, WIHPVincent Ramelli, Chief Executive Officer
Businesses in the hospitality industry are constantly pushing boundaries toward a digital presence that attracts maximum consumer attention. However, the significant involvement of online travel agencies (OTAs) poses challenges in digital marketing. In addition to the profit margin reduction caused by inflation, OTAs prevent hospitality facilities from reaching their maximum revenue-generating potential by taking up to 30 percent commission on bookings. This means most hotels can’t afford to maintain the dedicated digital marketing teams needed to overcome those challenges.

In response, World Independent Hotels Promotion (WIHP), a creative digital marketing agency, provides an all-in-one platform that enables hospitality businesses to build affordable and impactful digital marketing strategies around their needs. Since its inception in 1999, WIHP has focused on helping hoteliers drive more direct bookings through overall digital communication strategies.

WIHP empowers its clients with services like meta-search management, website creation, and digital advertising. The company’s platform is integrated with all the leading customer reservation systems, meta-search engines, and hotel chain reservation systems currently active in the e-tourism industry. It has an automated application programming interface connected to industry leading booking solutions that enable hotels to build effective marketing strategies. Through WIHP’s Meta I/O platform, hotels can actively sell their rooms directly and market their products across all leading meta search platforms like Google, Kayak, Trivago, Bing, and Tripadvisor. WIHP helps its clients put their inventories online, index them, and set up all the digital marketing campaigns needed to generate high-margin revenue. It also helps modern hoteliers manage and optimize campaigns with a clear vision of the return on ad spend to maximize revenue generation.

“With our unique technology, we intend on remaining among the leaders of the hotel marketing industry. We’re driven by our focus on helping hoteliers reach their goals through efficient solutions,” says Vincent Ramelli, CEO of WIHP.

WIHP’s laser focus on providing high-grade technology solutions is a rarity in the hospitality marketing arena. Unlike its contemporaries, WIHP delivers its services to hotels, booking engines, and marketing agencies. WIHP emphasizes ROI transparency, recognizing visibility’s importance for its clients, especially in B2B. The WIHP team believes that transparency in commercial exchanges is the way to build trust and strong relationships.
  • With our unique technology, we intend on remaining among the leaders of the hotel marketing industry. We’re driven by our focus on helping hoteliers reach their goals through efficient solutions

WIHP has ignited many successful client engagements in the hospitality space. In one instance, a hotel chain in Paris wanted to transform its official website into a significant distribution channel capable of boosting visibility and generating more direct bookings. WIHP created a website with an optimized purchase process that integrates the latest digital innovations while aiding the creation and implementation of search engine advertising, targeted meta-search, and ROI-oriented visibility campaigns. WIHP also enhanced the client’s pricing strategy and facilitated more responsive online booking processes. During this engagement, WIHP encouraged efficient monitoring of the client’s marketing performance and optimized its campaign and strategy to align with their operational status and needs. These capabilities helped the hotel increase direct bookings via the official website and markedly reduced the number of reservations made via OTAs. Indeed, their direct revenue increased by 96.5% in two years.

Such successes have enabled WIHP to carve out a prominent position in the hotel marketing and tourism industry, providing digital support to more than 11,000 hotels worldwide (groups, chains, and independent). Currently, WIHP’s system offers more than 200 possible connections with a global presence in Europe, the US, and APAC. WIHP plans to continue being a top player in the hospitality space by providing customizable direct booking solutions to hotels, helping them attract more customers and increase their direct revenue.