SudheerKoneru, Founder and CEO, ZenotiSudheerKoneru, Founder and CEO
Although COVID-19 upended the beauty and wellness industry, the post-pandemic era is witnessing a stronger and more resilient recovery of salon and spa services. Over a 40 percent rise in industry-wide guest visits put the beauty industry at the front and center. Meeting customer demands and handling staffing shortages are the need of the hour, along with attaining operational efficiency. As spas and salons struggle to resolve these challenges and remain competitive, Zenoti comes to the rescue with its integrated salon and spa management solution.

Zenoti’s solution facilitates enhanced cost savings, operational efficiency, and productivity through its unparalleled management functions for beauty and wellness brands. It tremendously benefits salons and spas from a financial standpoint as the solution makes it easy for them to tap into a variety of revenue drivers like cross-selling, gift cards, upselling, and membership as a regular part of their workflow. From online appointments to e-payments, smart marketing to inventory management, Zenoti underlines that salon and spa management can be highly efficient with the right software. Instead of storing data in siloed systems, Zenoti brings everything to one place from where it can be used to drive business optimization.

“Our enterprise software background has helped us design a brand-new software that brings together all the software essentials for running a salon and spa into one integrated space,” says Sudheer Koneru, founder and CEO of Zenoti.

Spa and salon chains can effectively manage customer and employee data from different branches to help with personalized marketing needs. Business owners can view their employee’s history and calculate commissions in the same place. Zenoti’s customer relationship management system can be used to build stronger relationships with customers and foster greater business growth.

Daily operational tasks and front desk duties demand a lot of time and energy. Zenoti reverses this situation with online appointments and self-check-ins, e-payments, and rebooking, which can be done with a single click. It helps the salon staff prepare the equipment and inventory for each day with confirmed bookings and no late cancellations. The integrated payments solution enables faster, automated checkouts and helps avoid congestion at the front desk. Providers can track and analyze transactions and easily resolve disputes in one place.“With Zenoti simplifying and streamlining conventionally customer-facing duties, salon and spa receptionists can perform their roles better, as there’s no more friction at the front desk,” says Koneru. Zenoti’s smart marketing solution leverages predictive analytics and a smart scheduler algorithm to find upcoming slots in the appointment book and the number of appointments needed to fill those slots. It uses existing customer data to send out personalized emails to customers without them having to call the front desk.

Customer experience determines the success of beauty and wellness brands, and Zenoti continues to elevate this aspect for clients. Zenoti helps increase brand engagement and drive guest experience through fast appointments and instant cashless payments. Customers can easily and intuitively book their appointments with Zenoti’s mobile application. The digital solution streamlines the entire process where customers can go online and perform the relevant tasks, including filling out consent forms. Leveraging geo-signals, Zenoti sends notifications to customers when they reach the center for self-check-in. The service providers are instantly notified. The process runs on the customers’ and service providers’ digital devices, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

Zenoti helps businesses make strategic decisions based on valuable insights from AI-driven data aggregation and analytics. It gives businesses access to accurate and up-to-date reports that require zero manual work from the staff. Consequently, salon managers can conduct performance reviews, gain insights across sales, customer behavior, and satisfaction, measure the marketing effectiveness of their brands, and boost revenue in no time.

From online appointments to e-payment, smart marketing to inventory management, zenoti underlines that salon and spa management can be highly efficient with the right software

“Working with a breadth of large enterprise clients gave us that depth of understanding to keep improving our product and scale our solutions,” states Koneru.

One of the many brands to benefit from Zenoti’s solution is Gene Juarez, a luxury salon. The solution enabled them to go completely cashless in the post-pandemic period when businesses were reopening, and contactless payment meant a great deal. In the first week, Gene Juarez witnessed about 70 percent of transactions via mobile phones. Along with ensuring contactless payments, Zenoti’s solution enabled seamless interaction with their professionals. It equipped the staff to check on their guests and concentrate on their services better, resulting in enhanced customer experience and greater revenue generation.

Working with leading spas and salons has given Zenoti the knowledge and understanding to keep improving their products. Moving forward, Zenoti aspires to help spas and salons of all sizes stay on top of their industry and push the boundaries of business optimization.