Alongside the diverse design elements, technology continues to progress and transform the hospitality industry to have a better future.

FREMONT, CA: With the changing technology trends, the beginning of every year is considered as the perfect time to brainstorm and execute new and exciting ideas that can improve the guest experience in the travel and hospitality industry. Smart technologies are considered as an essential element when it comes to implementations of tech in hotels to meet as well as exceed the guest experience expectations to the extent that it ultimately boosts the travel experience altogether.

There exist countless methods in which smart technology can enhance hotel experiences in the present time, which can make traveling comfortable and convenient. With the help of voice commands and smart controls run on multiple devices, hotel guests can now have the power to set up their rooms as per their liking and convenience. It becomes easy to access for them, with added availabilities of virtual room-service and quick amenities.

In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers a central location from where the guest can operate the lighting and air conditioning controls of their room. In the digital world today, people expect better hotels that offer high-level technology, which can let the guests adjust easily with the settings. Several hotels have begun to implement designed chatbots and voice assistants that make it easy for the guest to access everything by only a tap on their phones or other devices. More and more advanced versions of these voice assistants are being introduced and implemented in the hotels, which provides the guests with device-setting abilities via voice activation.

Apart from that, interactive maps are another piece of technology that people witness in the present day, which can be installed into the guestrooms or any other public space. These devices enable the guests to download apps, which offer superior digital concierge services that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Besides, being welcomed with warmth by the hotel guests, smart hotel technological developments also offer multiple advantages to the hotel owners, management, as well as the staff. Furthermore, the deployment of smart technology can significantly reduce the costs for hotel owners. It can also allow the hoteliers to operate the temperature and lighting, in case of room vacancies, in a way that can be energy-efficient and prevent wasting of any form of energy, promoting an eco-friendly environment.

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