COVID-19 has put up a disastrous situation in the hospitality industry. The businesses are proactively trying to mitigate this impact with technology-aided designs and build a safe space for the guests and employees to re-establish their hold in the economy.

FREMONT, CA: After a long unsettledness in the normal workflow, businesses are now chalking out their new strategies to establish a safe work environment, to regain their business equilibrium. Out of all the industries, the hospitality industries are in dire need to reshape their infrastructure to fit into the pandemic stricken world.

Talking about hotels, in specific, they are the space that operates with large gatherings. In the COVID free world, crowds were the indicators of their business profitability and reputation. However, today, such gatherings aren’t a favorable scenario. Moreover, even if hotels maintain social distancing norms, the problem of contact-free services persists.

The hygienic and contactless environment are the top priorities today. Since the number of infection points are many in a hotel, including elevator buttons, room keys, remotes, switches, and several other shared items, there is a requirement for efficient building automation system.

Generally, the buildings are designed in a manner where specific individuals, mostly maintenance staff and managers, have access to specific systems. This needs refurbishment to allow access to all the guests and staff through their devices. No wonder we call these Smart devices and Smartphones, which are now expected to become the switch for accessing the services of the hotels. Optimum utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its protocols like MQTT are the essentials for building an integrated system in hotels. Along with IoT, IR communications, Bluetooth, and other related communication mediums can be merged to enhance the automated, user-centric hotel system.

Replacing the traditional way of hotel management with the new integrated IoT setup will help to establish a more secure condition both for the guests as well as the staff. With a click on their Smartphones, the guests will be able to check-in, unlock and lock doors, adjust room temperature, and avail all other facilities without physically touching the infrastructure. Even though the hospitality industry is at a conjuncture with the cascading impact of the pandemic, it holds great potential to restore its business by ensuring a safe, contact-free ambiance for the people. A touchless environment will soon be a reality, as and when the hotels remodel their infrastructure.

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