Hoteliers ought to reflect on how eco-friendly technologies can help them in accomplishing their sustainability goals and decrease their carbon footprint.

FREMONT, CA: Ever since the green travel trend has come into sight, hoteliers have initiated action by executing sustainable solutions. With the solutions, businesses aim at drawing new customers and decrease their property’s carbon footprint.

Below are a few technologies that hoteliers should consider when constructing or renovating a property that can help them meet their sustainability objective.

Adding Sustainable Fitness Equipment

Hotels are bringing in more programs and innovative features to their fitness rooms to offer guests added value to their stays. Still, traditional fitness tools are often kept on even when not in use—wasting tremendous energy and power. A simple way to fix the problem is to consider going green. That is to use a cordless cardio apparatus that does not need any power.

Taking it one step further, the hotel management can establish sustainable fitness gear that not only reduces the energy consumed but instead also produces it. Generating energy involves capturing human power and turning it in usable and utility-grade electricity. The energy produced can help televisions, power lights, and anything else plugged into the same electrical grid. Moreover, if there are any blackouts or grid problems, the tool will still perform.

Switch to LEDs

Switching from compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to LED lights can facilitate hoteliers cut down on the energy footprint. LEDs are also more resourceful than incandescent light bulbs or CFLs because the LED bulbs last longer.

Use Occupancy Sensors

Another way to save energy is by incorporating occupancy sensors into the guest rooms. Hotel rooms are most often left unused or empty during the day. In the occurrence, guests forget to turn off the room lights, so occupancy sensors will help determine when there is no activity in the room and eventually shut the lights off. The sensors can moreover be used to automate other energy-saving measures such as adjusting the room’s temperature in-between visitors.

Integrate Sustainable Power Sources

Installation of sustainable power sources such as solar panels can be a large-scale commitment to lower a property’s footprint. In the correct location, coating a hotel’s section of ground or roof with solar panels can decrease the need and cost for gas or electricity.