Hotels have already begun replacing front-desk employees with applications, robots, and automated kiosks. Effective labor management technology can help proactively advise management about an issue and eliminate it happens to ensure that guest satisfaction.

FREMONT, CA: From an industry viewpoint, the next stage of hospitality accounting will be all about the three “A’s”: Applications, Automation, and Analytics. Faced with greater demands in the upcoming years, hoteliers will be compelled to find new modes of automation to speed up financial processes and improve visibility on the backend.


Over the previous decade, the hospitality sector has been growing its dependence on mobile technology that has revolutionized hotel management. In the next stage, any service that is currently conveyed using pen and paper will ultimately shift to mobile. Hoteliers are already using mobile applications for real-time data analysis, enabling them to make informed decisions. It is this resilience in a fast-paced environment that contemporary hotelier needs to maintain in a world where getting access to data has become easier.

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While there have been significant introductions with applications focused solely to enhance the guest experience, the untold value for the operator is behind the curtain. Mobile apps not only streamline efficiencies and allow easier access to data but also allow today’s hotelier to be more agile.


Increasing demands from guests will require hoteliers to be more responsive than ever. To keep up with the pace, operators will need to access an array of critical information, from in-house guest preferences to upcoming reservations, restaurant volumes, and spa bookings.

By combining diverse data sources into one centralized location, or data warehouse, an application programming interface (API)-powered data system will provide a comprehensive close-up of entire portfolio raw data into a user-friendly format.


Big Data has infiltrated both the technological and professional world, spanning industries and transforming all facets of business, from operation management and accounting to business development and marketing.

During the next phase of hospitality technology, more and more hoteliers will invest in analytics and adapt their strategy accordingly. Smart operators will look for the most versatile technology on the market to collect and store information through data warehousing. Over the next years, hoteliers who decide to apply Big Data in a meaningful way will harvest the rewards in every facet of their business, from sales and marketing to guest satisfaction.