Today, several companies emphasize remoteness and are encouraging remote working due to coronavirus. However, the trend for working remotely is not new, and it just found a renewed sound.

Fremont, CA: The travel and hospitality industry expect advanced technology like AI, ML, VR, robotics to help with business operations, along with a mix of human-software interaction. However, we have little option for any remoteness regarding the hotel industry. But it's only an illusion as remote mastering work is all about finding the right tools to stay productive and connected. The hospitality tools below will help the hotel with teamwork without personal contact in harmony wherever it happens.

Managing hotel workflow remotely

If hotels are trying to organize hotel workflow remotely ten years ago, there is no way they could have accomplished as much as today. Currently, the hotel staff's every stage in the hotel management process can be carried out entirely without even being there. Let's take a look at what a typical hotel stay can look look like without contact with staff.

Fast check-in: For checking-in, guests can create an account in a mobile app, fill out a digital form, upload images of necessary documents in their account, and sign digitally, and there is no personal contact required here. Guests can also extend their stay by requesting through the app, subject to room availability. In case customers want to change the date of their stay, they can discuss it with the staff via chats. This ensures that the guests are given enough independence, and the only thing they need to physically do is get the keys at the hotel.

Guest Management: Hotel employees will be able to cater to the guests independently and find solutions faster. With the staff using the Guest Module, customers can avoid standing at the reception because all the critical clients' data needed for check-in are already saved in the hotel management system through input provided in the app.

Service during the stay: Guests will be able to order food, select the exact delivery time and zone. For instance, a client can order breakfast, pick the time and area, pay for the meal through the app, and pick up the food without any contact. After the meal, they can leave the dirty dishes on the tray outside the door, as always. Housekeeping will get the job done when there is no one in the room.

Mobile POS: Guests can pay for services and orders without registration from any mobile device with a QR-code.

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