Technology is seamlessly transforming the hospitality industry for a better future. Smart technology is one of the critical elements that hotels implement not only to meet but exceed, expectations that will ultimately boost the overall travel experience.

FREMONT, CA: There are various ways how smart technology helps to increase the guest experience in hotels today. Most of them make traveling and being away from home convenient and easy. Leveraging voice assistants and smart controls that can access several devices, guests now can personalize their room to their liking and conveniently access virtual room service and quickly address amenity needs.

IoT offers a central location to access the room's lighting as well as the air conditioning. In 2020, researchers foresee a lot more hotels offering to the high-level technology to permit the guests to adjust the settings easily. A few hotels have already deployed Amazon Echo and Alexa into their designs, making it as easy as the push of a button on the phone to change and set the devices. More improved versions of the Echo and Alexa are being tested and gradually incorporated into the hotels, which offers the guests the same device-setting abilities through voice assistance.

Another aspect of technology that is expected to see deployment in 2020 is the interactive maps, which can be included in the guestrooms or public spaces. They permit the guests, with the ability to download an app, which will offer advanced digital concierge services accessible from virtually anywhere.

Smart hotel technology helps hotel staff to make repairs, which guests appreciate quickly. With technology, replacement needs are dialed into devices, which only the staff can monitor remotely. It proffers them to notify both the hotel guests and the maintenance staff swiftly, offering seamless and efficient repair procedures.

Besides, the efficiency that smart technology can provide the hotels, the desire and need to exceed the guests' expectations while also minimizing the hotel costs will evolve to be a driving factor in the smart hotel implementation throughout 2020 and beyond. The technology will advance quickly. The hotel experience has got a lot more to offer to worldwide travelers. Hotels, with smart technologies, can look forward to making their spaces feel truly like a comfortable home away from home, creating a stress-free, enjoyable experience that the guests can look forward to.

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