The hotels are reaching their goals of proving their customers with better service by replacing the old landline phones with tablets. This advanced phone system can bring several benefits to the hotels.

FREMONT, CA: Intelity and BluIP seek to remove the necessity of analog phones in the guest rooms and back office by making BluIP’s VoIP available to the staff and guests through tablets. With their partnership, the aim is to provide their customers with high-quality guest experience, and their product is heavily influenced by this goal.

A hotel’s topmost priority is to provide its customers with superior guest experience. The usage of tablets instead of the traditional phone is a step taken forward to achieve their goal. The tablet can be of great help to the guests in a hotel because it will become easier for them to various chores like adjust the room temperature, order room service, or automatically checkout while comfortably sitting in their room. Guests will also have access to many streaming services on their television, which will cut the cable costs of the hotels.

BluIP and INTELITY have ensured that the users can place external calls from their in-room tablets, the calls might be guest-to-guest or guest-to-staff. Replacing traditional, outdated landline phones that make rooms look cluttered. On the other hand, tablets help to simplify and organize guest rooms, minimize maintenance of the system, and reduce repairing cost. Additionally, the hotels can bring all their communication onto a single unified system by using the VoIP tech as it provides carrier-grade communications from the guest room. In addition, hotels can also start adding digital menus instead of the traditional menu card. The digital menus will not only provide them the opportunity to update their lists but also reduce the costs of printing and design. Nothing else can be more cost-effective and environment-friendly than going digital.

The change from traditional phones to tablets in a hotel will be advantageous for the guests as well as hotels. The hotels can fulfill their goal of providing their customers with the best service, and the guests can also spend their time more comfortably and lavishly.