Technology plays a vital role in the travel and hospitality industry. It can enhance the efficiency of business operations and also improve the customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, consumers are highly intelligent. The consumers insist on having the newest technology at their fingertips at home. To leave the guests wanting more, hotels should adopt innovative steps in the way that they use technology to offer the most comfortable stay possible. In hotels and hospitality sectors, the consumers will be seeing more of robots, smart gear, and innovative mobile applications used to improve the guest experience. Below given are few edge advances in the hotel technology.

Smarter Way of Communication

 With smartphone technology, everything is possible, ranging from shopping to turning off the lights at home from the office. More and more hotels are using smartphone tools to give their guests more control over their hotel experiences. All the tasks, from check-in and check-out to ordering room service and in-room controls, guests can do all the tasks through a smartphone. Many hotels also allow guests to text requests. So if the consumers need more towels or a late check-out time, all that guests need to do is leave a message.

Hi-Tech Rooms

When people travel today, they occupy themselves with more than just clothes and toiletries. Each guest also brings other high-tech gadgets with them so they can keep up with work, watch movies and their favorite television shows easily. To manage all these electronics easily while away, many hotels provide new interactive in-room systems, which can be accessed from the television in the room. The consumers can now connect all their gadgets to the television and do everything from streaming their favorite shows to checking their flight status and also even playing personal playlists.

Robot Staff

Most of the hotels, now, have a robot or two as their staff. These robots are mainly used for room service deliveries to make the whole system more efficient. They can get the customer order to you quicker, and you don't have to worry about tipping them or making awkward small talk. Some hotels have their robot programmed so that the human staff can interact with the guests through the robot.