Complexity of waste management can be curtailed to maximum only with the innovative applications of technology in waste disposal and recycling processes.

FREMONT, CA: From small boutiques to a chain of hotels, there is always a great deal of responsibility regarding the smooth running of the daily operations. Operators are consistently looking forward to boosting the bottom line, improving customer service, and streamlining operational efficiencies. One area though―waste management―should remain a top priority. By working with a managed service provider, agencies can save time, money, and stress of a hotel management company by indicating waste needs, enhancing waste efficiencies, and applying the latest technologies.

Evaluation and Preparation:

Before jumping directly into the application of technology, the first thing to keep in mind is to analyze the current processes. When it comes to waste management, a singular effort does not fit all resolutions. The methods of the disposal of hotel waste will significantly differ from other hotels and nearby competitors. By keeping an inventory of waste policies, procedures, and staff members, a scheme for a practical solution can be attainable gradually. Things to keep in mind while preparing the inventory are:

•  The current spending on waste and recycling, which includes fees linked with equipment, hauling, and disposal.

•  The availability of the correct equipment at the hotel owner's disposal.

•  Different haulers in multiple locations mean a variety of procedures, which costs the hotelier both time and money.

Tracking of Waste Usage:

A monitoring system is essential that can measure waste disposal and the condition of the whole power unit, including temperature, controls, safety measures, and system operating performances. As a result, the hotel can avoid landfill and apply the proper reuse and recycle of the waste.

Partnership with a managed service operator can help the hotel chain select a best-suited tracking system, and identify and evaluate key metrics to provide your hotels with customized solutions. This system aids in reducing costs and provides detailed reports for the waste management program.